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South Korea (Part 10)

When you explore the city of Seoul you will find many places that bear a long history mingled up with the modern Seoul of today. A stark contrast and evidence of how fast this city has developed in a relatively short time.

I also paid a visit to the Zoo in Seoul. This was back in 2006 I believe it must have been. I was not impressed to be honest. The place was ran down and not looked after. It was not kept clean and looked old and worn. That reflected on the animals too I noticed. They were not animals that were actually cared for the way they should be cared for. Whoever owns this Zoo definitely lost his/her/their passion. Walking past the cages and the different sections I started to observe the animals and wondered what went through their “minds”. It was as if they knew what my opinion was of this Zoo and that they were trying to tell me that I was right about my thoughts. There was this Condor looking at me from his cage. The bird spread its wings as if he was telling me “Will you look this place huh?, I mean I am one of the largest bird species on this damn planet. I have got a wing span of over 3 meters for crying out loud and look where they put me in. I need to fly man, not sit around!” Another Condor who looked emaciated was staring at an opening in his gate, thinking to himself, “Will I fit through?” There was a leopard pacing up and down in his diminutive cage as if he was going over and over in his mind about his plan to escape from “this place”. A black panther who looked right out pissed off and a Tiger who gazed in front of him reflecting his life that has been and is now and how it possibly could have come to that.  A rhino that turned his backside towards me as soon as he saw me approaching with my camera in hand, “You want to take photo of me huh?, here let me model this for you!” A flamingo who seemed to look content but maybe was putting up a show and a Giraffe who had seen it all before.

I sincerely hope for all the animals that I was not the only one that had this impression and was of the opinion that this Zoo needed some urgent taking care of and that actions have been taken to improve the situation dramatically. And who knows one day when I visit there again I may see this Condor fly and be “happy as Larry” and telling me “Look at me I am flying!!!”

to be continued…

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Posted by skookella on August 5, 2013
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  1. 08/24/2013

    Love the photos!
    I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster, please check it out here!

    • 09/8/2013

      Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the photos.



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