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Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

Daly Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

by michelle w on June 21, 2013

A woman walks into a supermarket with her two children, a girl and a boy.

The woman is rough as guts, enormously overweight, her hair, so greasy you could run a car on it, looked like it hadn’t seen shampoo, moisterizer or a hairdresser for years, pimples on her face with hair growing out of it so stiff that you could kill someone with it, dressed in track pants and a T-shirt, so big you could win the Americas Cup with it, full of grease stains and wearing flip-flops. Tattoos on both upper arms and piercings in places you didn’t know it was possible to even have them there.

The girl around 12 years old and a spitting image of her mother and nearly the same size.

The boy a slim handsome young man of 14 years with shiny dark hair.

At the teller is Marja a good natured happy young chirpy student of 16 always in a good mood and always a big smile.

As the woman with her kids approach the teller with their overloaded trolley Marja greets them in her usual super friendly style and her soft high voice.

Marja:”Oh good morning all it’s a lovely day isn’t it?”

No reaction for the woman or her kids.

Marja: “Oh aren’t they looking nice are they twins?” referring to the two kids.

Woman: “Do they look like twins to you you stupid child, what’s wrong with you?” the woman snapped angrily.

Marja: “Oh, I was just wondering, coz I couldn’t imagine someone wanting to shag you twice!”

Categories: Daily Prompt
Posted by skookella on June 24, 2013

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